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I started MiddlesexMD because I wanted to help women to stay as sexually active as they choose for as long as they choose. I’d heard from too many women in my medical practice who assumed that they were “over” that part of their lives, whether or not they liked the assumption. Discomfort, downright pain, less pleasure, and diminished libido appeared to be barriers they just couldn’t see past.

I thought I was in a unique position to help: I’d practiced obstetrics and gynecology for a couple of decades, had become qualified as a menopause care specialist, and had myself reached what we call “a certain age.” I could explain the medical realities from the perspective of a woman who shared experiences and day-to-day impact.

And I hoped to contribute to breaking the silence about midlife sexual health, since so few of us have talked to our friends, our doctors, and even our partners about what’s changing and what we might want to change.

It’s been rewarding. An unexpected benefit for me—and in some ways for you, too—is all of the people I’ve met who share the vision: of women taking control of their health and wellness, including their sexuality, as they move through midlife.

The MiddlesexMD team first met Rebecca Posten, CEO of PrevaLeaf, at a conference for nurse practitioners in Savannah. We were struck by the similarity in our missions and values. PrevaLeaf’s purpose is to “provide women with gentle and natural products to maintain their intimate wellness.” When Rebecca says she’s all about “helping women stay in control and stay well,” she’s speaking my language.

She and I have other things in common, too: We’ve both had medical training specializing in ob/gyn; we’ve both networked with women entrepreneurs who had practical experience in bringing a vision to life; she shares my interest in spreading the word about women’s health; we both have daughters who know much more than their peers about women’s anatomy and sex.

None of those, though, are the reasons I feel good about offering PrevaLeaf™ products. As a physician, I share PrevaLeaf’s bias toward prevention and wellness, and the intensity of their focus on women’s health. I like how seriously they take natural ingredients; they’re a member of the Natural Products Association and follow their guidelines for ingredients and manufacturing processes.

But the proof is in the products, so I invite you to check them out. PrevaLeaf Oasis is a water-based vaginal moisturizer for daily use. PrevaLeaf Soothe is for those occasions when discomfort calls for some additional relief.

Dr. Barb DePree
Dr. Barb DePree MD


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