A New Breakfast of Champions

It all began when entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich took a stroll through a vegan food fair in Toronto. If your livelihood depends on generating ideas, I guess that part of your brain never sleeps.

Suddenly, he realized that there was healthy, organic, non-GMO food for all kinds of health—except for sexual health.

This was Ehrlich’s Eureka! moment. Everybody eats cereal, he reasoned. Everybody wants to be sexy, and everyone wants to be healthy. Let’s bring it all together in one slick package.

Thus was Sexcereal conceived. After conception, the road to market dominance was easy. Ehrlich hired a “team of nutritionists and quality control experts” to create two recipes: one for “HIM” and another for “HER.” A very important step, apparently, was the packaging: a 300-gram bag of cereal with vintage, slightly come-hither, and very healthy-looking images of a guy and a girl. (The size of the guy’s spoon has gotten a lot of quips in the media.)

Besides a generous portion of rolled oats for both genders, which gives the cereal a granola-y look (Don’t call it granola, however; Ehrlich doesn’t like that.), the cereal “for him” has chia seeds, blueberries, black sesame and pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, bee pollen, goji berries, and maca powder. “She,” on the other hand, is indulged with wheat germ, soy protein, ginger, cranberries, almonds and flax seeds.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sexcereal is described as a nutritious and tasty whole food with lots of fiber, iron, energy, and Omegas 3 and 6. It’s supposed to boost testosterone and promote hormone balance. Certainly, its makers want to be taken seriously as having created a good product.

But it costs $10 for that 300-gram packet, and it’s so popular that you’ll have to wait 10 days before your mail order is even filled.

The science behind the product? Not so much, as far as I can tell. Sexcereal’s success is all about the concept, the novelty, the marketing, and the media hype. Sex sells, as we all know.

So, maybe sample a packet of Sexcereal out of curiosity or send one as a gift to that person who has everything, but don’t expect a surge of white-hot passion. No matter what they say on TV.

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