Q: Would vaginal dilators help me with painful penetration?

Vaginal dilators really do work to increase vaginal caliber--the size of the opening. If you're having your first sexual encounters, have an exam by your healthcare provider to rule out other causes: there may be an issue with the hymen, for example, that would have a different solution.

But for women who've been sexually active, dilators can make a world of difference. I had an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a woman who hadn't been able to have intercourse for two years. After using vaginal dilators for a month, she was able to have pain-free sex!

Dilators come in graduated sizes; the smallest is only a half-inch in diameter. They are used with a lubricant daily. When you're comfortable with one size, you progress to the next-larger dilator until you've achieved the caliber--the opening size--that works for you and your partner.

Vaginal caliber is only one element of our sexuality, of course. I encourage women to think about the whole picture. But if a narrowing vagina is a problem for you, vaginal dilators really can help.

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yong borden
yong borden

January 22, 2016

Im looking forward to order one. Thanks

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