Vaginal Dilators, Set of 7

Vaginal Dilators, Set of 7

Pure white plastic rod dilators, 6 inches long with one rounded end, are available in diameters from 1/2 to 1 3/8 inches.


Able to be sterilized, these are used for progressive dilation therapy to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. The set of seven includes these diameters, all in inches: 1/2, 11/16, 7/8, 1, 1 1/8, 1 1/4, 1 3/8.


Who Should Consider this Product: 
Choose to use dilators if you have difficulty with penetration. The cause may be vaginismus (muscle spasms causing vaginal tightness), medical treatment or surgery that has narrowed or shortened the vagina, or lack of use throughout menopause, which can also narrow or shorten the vagina. Choose the set of seven if you want to be certain of comfortable penetration, since the additional dilators are larger.
Why we chose it: 
These are firm enough to be easy to insert. They come in the right graduated sizes for effective treatment -- small changes between the dilators, along with more sizes, make the process more comfortable.
Things we like: 
Non-latex materials
High-quality, medical-grade products
Ingredients / Materials Descriptions: 

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We've been shopping, testing, choosing and sorting dilators specifically for midlife women.

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