Keeping the muscles of your pelvic floor in shape — through Kegel exercises or physical therapy — does all kinds of preventive good. It keeps all of your organs in their proper places, of course, and it's required for continence. But pelvic exercise using a Kegel exercise tool also encourages circulation and can strengthen your orgasms. There are also new tools available that use electrical pulses to exercise pelvic floor muscles; these can supplement your own Kegel exercises. See how easy it is by reading the suggestions below.

First published 01/13/2010 Last updated 01/26/2015

Try these actions—we’ve started with the simplest first

Kegel exercise, sometimes done with vaginal weights, Kegel exercise tools, or other Kegel products, strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

These instructions will supplement those from InControl Medical, makers of the Intensity device.

At our age we may have collected injuries, surgeries, physical or psychological traumas, illnesses or diseases. If Kegel products or vaginal weights can't or won't help, a qualified physical therapist can offer a number of treatments.

Maintain tone in the pelvic floor muscles.
Exercising these muscles encourages circulation and strengthens orgasms.

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