Use a Vulvar Soothing Cream

If you are experiencing pain, itching, burning, redness, or dryness of the vulva, or just plain sensitivity to touch, you may want to try an over-the-counter soothing product. Designed to be used on the external genital area, a vulvar soothing cream can soothe and comfort the tissues of the vulva. A soothing cream will not treat infections, so if you have symptoms like vaginal odor and discharge or painful urination, see your healthcare practitioner for diagnosis.the vulva 2011.10.28.jpg

How To 

Vulvar soothing cream is available over the counter, which means you can buy it at drugstores or online, including here at MiddlesexMD. Although you won't need a prescription, we encourage you to mention all of your symptoms to your doctor so he or she has a complete view of your menopausal symptoms.

Always wash your hands before applying any product to your genitals, and note that this product is not intended for use right before or during intercourse. Check the instructions for the product you're using for the recommended amount to use; generally start with a dab of cream about the size of a pea. Apply the cream with your fingertips to the vestibule or other areas of the vulva. Again, check the specific instructions for the cream you're using, but you can use a vulvar cream several times a day; it's not usually recommended to apply it more than four times a day.

First published 10/26/2011 Last updated 10/28/2011

Enhance comfort by caring for your vaginal and vulvar tissues.
Compensating for lower hormone levels means taking care of yourself.

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